Should You Be Doing Infographics?

Posted on Aug 27, 2011

In a word: yes.

Infographics are the hot new communications tool. Because they are visual, they attract more reads and force you to boil your key message down to very short copy blurbs, which increases both readership and retention. They give a lot of bang for your marketing buck.

What makes a good infographic

  •  Interesting facts, the more surprising they are, the more cognitively dissonant, the better.
  •  Diagrams and drawings. Make the visual graphic carries the bulk of the message. The words should play a supporting role.
  •  As few words as possible. Aim for punch, not thoroughness.
  •  And, as with any communication, have one clear, key message you’re trying to get across.

What to do with your infographic: 

  • Email it to customers and prospects.
  • Include it in an eblast.
  • Post it to a blog.
  • Create a page on the website for it or place it on an existing page.
  • Send it to the media.
  • Use it in a presentation.
  • Upload to social media sites such as
  • Place on iPad to use in sales presentation.
  • Print on postcard as pre-conference mailer and at-conference hand-out.

Here are some examples: 

Workplace incentives

14 Most Common Medical Procedures  

Disease case fatality rates 

What an Infographic Can Do For You

Infographics are powerful tools. They can build your cred as a thought leader, drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO and get your call to action out where people can see it.

And speaking of calls to action, if you’d like us to help you develop your infographics, Contact Us

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